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Resume Details: Anjali Muraleedharan Nair

Address :

Latha Vilas,Manickamangalam,Kalady Ernakulam India

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Willng to Relocation :
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Desire job Title::
GIS Fresher with knowledge in ArcGIS
Year of Experience:
Entry Level

Education :
 Proficiency course in Geo-information Science and Technology (Remote Sensing & GIS) from Dr.R. Satheesh Centre for Remote Sensing & GIS (under ISRO, Dept. of Space, Govt. of India), MG University (2015),Kerala/India.
Project: Geospatial assessment of Air pollution linked Diseases at an Industrial area, Cochi,Kerala/India.
Web GIS platform: http://www.sesmgu.org/ses/files/template/proj1_ses.html

 Completed Outreach Programme on “Basics of Remote Sensing, Geographical Information System and Global Navigation Satellite System” conducted by Indian Institute of Remote Sensing (IIRS) ,Department of Space, Dehradun ,India through Edusat Satellite ,August-November 2014 .

 MSc in Biotechnology from Mahatma Gandhi University (2008),Kerala/India .
Project: Cloning and expression analysis of Rv0846c of Mycobacterium tuberculosis H37Rv (at RGCB, Trivandrum,Kerala/India).

 BSc in Biotechnology from Mahatma Gandhi University (2006),Kerala/India.
GIS Skills :
projects work with:
 Boundary mapping ,as a team member (for Govt. of Kerala/India, Rural development)- The main tools used in this project was GPS Loggger, OSMTracker, Keypad Mapper (used mobile with Android OS for data collection)and JOSM.

 Vectorisation of River sand auditing,as a team member (A river basin at Kerala/India) conducted at Dr. R. Satheesh Centre for Remote Sensing and GIS, M.G University, Kerala/India (Software used-ArcGIS 10&9,QGIS,ERDAS).
Work Experience :
 2year experience as Health care coordinator at Badr Al Samaa Group of Hospitals & Polyclinics (Dec 2009-Dec 2011), Sultanate Of Oman.

 Working as Project Assistant in an agricultural project (for Agricultural dept. Govt.of Kerala ) under Centre for Management Development (Oct 2012-till date, on contract basis) ,Trivandrum,Kerala/India.


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