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Resume Details: Milton Luttrell

Address :

3134 County Road 6 Barnum MN USA

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Willng to Relocation :
Desire Location:
Date Available :
Desire job Title::
GIS Analyst
Year of Experience:

Education :

Course Work:

In 2005 completed thirteen general course credits (GPA 3.0/3.5)
Lake Superior College- Duluth, MN


NGA College – Advanced Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Analysis Using Models
(MacDill AFB, FL, 2012)
NGA College – Fundamentals of National Geospatial Agency (NGA) Intelligence Writing
NGA College – Intermediate Geographic Information Systems (GIS) for Analysis
(MacDill AFB, FL, 2011)
NGA College – Fundamentals of Full Motion Video (FMV) Exploitation
(MacDill AFB, FL, 2011)
NGA College – Fundamental of Geographic Information Systems (GIS) for Analysis
(MacDill AFB, FL, 2011)
NGA College – Introduction to Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) (WBT) for Analysis (USSOUTHCOM, FL, 2011)
United States Navy - Intelligence Specialist Imagery “C” School
(Dam Neck, VA, 2010)
NGA United States Southern Command Military Analyst of the Month
(USSOUTHCOM, FL, May 2012)

GIS Skills :
Computer Skills
• Firm knowledge of basic computer concepts and able to type in excess of fifty words a minute.
• Capable of using all software programs within the Microsoft Office Suite, with some advanced knowledge in PowerPoint, Excel, and Outlook.
• Extensive hands on expertise with multiple geospatial programs to include; Google Earth, Falcon View, RemoteView Electronic Light Table (ELT) application, Environmental Systems Research Institute’s (ESRI) ArcGIS Suite, SocetGXP (ELT) application, and limited knowledge with ENVI software.
Work Experience :
Imagery Analysis
• Have been exposed to and answered intelligence queries using color and panchromatic Electro-Optical Imagery a regional and national scale since 2010 with both the Navy and the Army.
• Educated in the science behind and the production of Infrared Imagery based products.
• Demonstrated a strong understanding of Synthetic Aperture Radar while working in support of the Army to include, firm grasps on grazing angles and trihedrals/dihedrals.
• Able to analyze but not create Hyper-Spectral Imagery using Exelis Visual Information Solutions (ENVI) software and other web based processing tools.

Geospatial Analysis
• Used existing geospatial data to answer simple information queries in regard to imagery and historical intelligence reports.
• Created and utilized complex geospatial tools and procedures to perform information queries for advanced analysis.
• Possessed a firm understanding of how to use geospatial cataloged data to find and prove trends and patterns which were impactful to military customers and foreign governments.

Map Making
• Capable of identifying and collecting appropriate geospatial layers and shapefiles from within local databases and over the internet.
• Strong understating of required map features such as titles, legends, scale, and compass.
• Highly experienced with creating custom one time use map layers.
• Willingness to work with customer requests in order to develop and hand over appropriately layered maps while still maintaining an aesthetically pleasing graphical representation of the requested information.

Geospatial Data Management
• Large knowledge base of geographical coordinate systems and projections, ranging from local to global.
• Have created shapefiles and layers from raw tabular data, additionally, knowledgeable in adding data to existing data as well as reprocessing data to fit new parameters.
• Experience creating and maintaining locally networked and personal geographical data bases.
• Highly effective at understanding and organizing files and folders so that system navigation is as simplistic and easily understandable as possible.

Procedural Training
• Have produced highly technical geospatial training presentations and presented aforementioned presentations to foreign military personnel.
• On multiple occasions have been assigned to write procedural PowerPoint and Word document files for the sole purpose of training new personnel with little to no geospatial background.
• Set as a primary trainer for geospatial concepts and data management in excess of twenty personnel over a five year period.


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