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Resume Details: Cheryl Smith

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Boise ID USA

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(208) 891-7768
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Cheryl Smith Resume
Year of Experience:

Education :
B.S. Science - Geology - Humboldt State University

GIS Skills :
Some, mostly used GINT and GTGS, GPS vTremble Unit and Garmin 60 series
Work Experience :
•Field Investigations: Assistant to Groundwater Engineer with casework involving Leaking Underground Fuel Tanks & Spill Leaks Investigations Cleanup, and Aquifer Replenishment Program. Pioneer pilot water conservation study program.

•Managerial Skills: Solid background with highly developed negotiation skills with client, regulatory agencies at local and State level. Estimate project costs and managed project budgets, basic accounting functions. Mentor junior team members, hire and oversee subcontractors, including personnel supervision, and assistance in staff development, cross training in technical areas and delegating various tasks. Manage and report field and in-house assessments of hazardous materials.

•Technical Support: Work two years at U.S. Geological Survey in the Isotopic Tracer Project, expediting samples for analysis. Geological monitoring and field surveying services in compliance with CECLA, NEPA, UST, and RCRA regulations. Reports results of site characterization to clients and regulatory agencies (Phase II) in compliance with NEPA and CEQA regulations, including storm water pollution prevention plans and monitoring reports. Creates procedures for filtration of groundwater samples for isotopic analysis.

During my employment at Earth Tech, Sacramento, CA., 11/2006 to 11/2007, Project Geologist, was involved with a team at Vandenberg AFB who’s task was to delineate a PCE plume in the subsurface to evaluate if the constituent had reached a creek. The team I was involved with conducted an Aquifer test to evaluate recovery. I collected creek surface and seep water sampling for analysis. I was also involved with stream gauging the creek and then using the datum to put into chart, map and then into a report.

During my employment at ATC Associates, Inc., Pleasanton, CA., 09/2000 to 05/2001, as an Environmental Specialist, Subsurface/Remediation Division, my primary responsibility at ATC involved providing annual and semi-annual sample collection of groundwater at various sites including cars washes, chemical landfill/storage sites. These reports where provided to clients and regulatory agencies in compliance with regulations. I was involved in obtaining annual precipitation data, collecting water samples from hard water storage pits and recording berm integrity. I was also involved in collecting groundwater samples from eighty (80) monitoring wells from this Super Fund Site, and then collecting information on nearby lake, and all creeks and rivers with the area. This site was closed during as part of my monitoring efforts.
And during my employment at ATC associates, I created procedures for filtration of groundwater samples for isotopic analysis for a site that contained high volume of petroleum product in the subsurface. My task was to determine the source.

U.S. Geological Survey, Menlo Park, CA., 06/1998 to 09/2000, Physical Science Technician, Water Resources Division. During my employment at USGS, my primary responsibility was to prepare biological and geological samples for stable isotopic analysis used in food web, pollution source and cycling studies. I was also required to generate statistical occurrences of pollution sources using S-Plus, Quattro Pro, ArcView, and Excel (chart/graphs) software programs. I was privileged in supervising junior level team members. I awarded three monetary STAR awards: Lab safety, Open house presentation and efforts with text book editing.

During my employment at Alameda County Water District, Fremont, CA., 06/1999 to 12/1999, Groundwater Resources Engineer Intern, Groundwater Resources Division, my primary responsibility while working at ACWD was assisting the Groundwater Engineer with casework involving Leaking Underground Fuel Tanks & Spill Leaks Investigations Cleanup, and Aquifer Replenishment Program, and site closures. I was part of a team who pioneer pilot water conservation study program to assist customers with water conservation. My jobs task required generating reports for Regional Water Quality Control Board for compliance with EPA regulations. I was required to manage and update chemical analysis database.


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