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Resume Details: Dragos Bandur

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Willng to Relocation :
Desire Location:
Date Available :
April 2015
Desire job Title::
spatial analyst
Year of Experience:
Entry Level

Education :
MSc - Physics and Astronomy
Master of Spatial Analysis (in process)
GIS Skills :
- Spatial Analysis
Statistical Tools: data visualization, exploratory data analysis, Indicators for spatial association, variogram, kriging, SA & GW regression, self-organizing maps, modeling (MaxEnt, GLM, GAM, BIOCLIM etc.)

Multi-criteria decision tools: probabilistic and fuzzy sets, decision rules, attribute/alternative matrix, weighting, sensitivity
- Software packages: R, ESRI ArcGIS, QGIS, GRASS, Alteryx, SOM Analyst, GeoDa, Geomatica

- Aspatial Analysis
Statistical Tools: classification, generalized and general regression (ridge, lasso, best subsets etc.), (auto)correlation, MANOVA, nested, mixed effects and mixture designs, response surface methods, error propagation and robustification, MC simulation, advanced measurement system analysis, Bayesian estimation, multivariate SPC, astronomical data reduction, ODE

- Software packages: Minitab, Statistica, Design Expert, SPSS, Maple, IRAF, MS Office, MS Visio

- Script: R, SQL, Matlab;
- Predictive Modeling Life Cycle:
Hierarchical Process, prioritization, characteristic selection, data collection and preparation
Work Experience :
Centre for Addiction and Mental Health - Toronto, Ontario, January/2015, present
Canada’s larges addiction and mental health teaching hospital and one of world’s leading research centers in the area of addiction and mental health.

Practicum Student
Analyst role in the implementation and evaluation of provincial projects using geographic information systems with work focused on the Drug Treatment Funding Program.

Ryerson University, Toronto, Ontario, June/ 2014, present

Research Assistant
Advanced spatial analysis using R scripting for the Geocomputation Laboratory

York University, Toronto, Ontario, Sept/2011 to May/2013
Teaching Assistant


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