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Classic Resumes: When to Include Personal Data
by ResumeEdge.com- The Net's Premier Resume Writing and Editing Service

US resumes do not include personal data such as date of birth, sex, religious affiliation, race, or social security numbers.  The only exception to the last entry, social security numbers, would be when applying to the federal government for a position.  Then, and only then, social security numbers should be listed on a resume.

However, the rules change when you are submitting your resume to overseas employers.

Although each country has a different set of requirements regarding which pieces of personal information they most want to see, generally most will ask for the following:

  1. Date of Birth

  2. Place of Birth

  3. Citizenship/Nationality

  4. Sex

  5. Race

  6. Marital Status

Personal data such as hobbies or activities

Because the modern resume is a business and marketing tool, it’s best to keep personal interests and hobbies for the interview process as a way to “break the ice.”  This is especially true if your activities involve some perceived risk or danger.  A candidate who is otherwise qualified for a management position might have his resume passed over if he “runs the rapids” on the weekends or participates in a parachuting club.  Activities with risk aren’t the only ones to caution against.  A candidate who collects rare coins -- an expensive hobby -- may have her resume passed over by a hiring manager for a position that involves controlling a company’s funds.

Remember, hiring managers want to know what you can do for their company in terms of boosting profits or reducing expenses.  What you do on your own time is best kept off a resume.


Unless, and until, you are asked to interview for a position, references should not be provided to a prospective employer.

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Get a Resume That Gets Results!