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Contact Information
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Physical/Email Address

In addition to your street address, including your city, state and zip, itís important to include an email address.  With todayís technology, a hiring manager most often contacts successful candidates by phone or by email.

Because of the importance of email correspondence in a job search, itís wise to choose an email address that is businesslike in tone, rather that one that reflects a special interest or a nickname.

For example, the following would be considered inappropriate:





Another important piece of advice is to avoid using work-related email addresses.  Hiring managers are rarely interested in interviewing someone who is using their current employerís time or email system to look for another job.

The key is:  Always be professional

Phone Numbers

Itís sometimes wise to include a cell phone number along with your home phone number, especially if thatís your easiest point of contact.  However, be certain of the quality of your cell phone and service provider before offering the number.  Nothing is more frustrating to a hiring manager than to conduct a cell phone conversation through static and breaks in conversation due to poor technology.

In modern resumes, fax numbers are rarely provided.  Most hiring managers will not fax an interview request to prospective candidates.

Never include current work phone numbers in your scannable resume.  Hiring managers think poorly of candidates who use a current employerís time to search for new opportunities.

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