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by ResumeEdge.com - The Net's Premier Resume Writing and Editing Service

How your name is displayed on your resume not only personalizes the document, but also sets a conservative or stylish tone for the rest of the resume.  It's important that the choices you make here will appeal to hiring managers in your chosen industry.

Regardless of your industry or targeted position, your name should always appear at the very top of the resume, in large enough type to distinguish it from the rest of the document.

A conservative approach in Times New Roman:

In Garamond:

In Arial:

Paul Malone

A stylish approach in BlackAdder II:

In Air Millhouse:

In Freestyle Script:

Remember that your name should be in a font that is representative of your industry (conservative or nontraditional), and one that can be easily read by a busy hiring manager.

Contact Information (Address/Phone/Email)