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Contact Information
by ResumeEdge.com - The Net's Premier Resume Writing and Editing Service

This is one of the most critical areas of your resume. Should the hiring manager find your qualifications a good match for the opening, you don't want to make that person work to find how to locate or contact you.

Therefore, in modern resumes, contact information is clearly placed at the beginning of the resume, unless a more stylish approach is warranted. But even then, it's always wise to place the most important contact information -- phone numbers & email -- at the top of your document. Since most hiring managers will not contact a successful candidate by "snail" mail, physical addresses can be minimized, sometimes even left to the bottom of a one-page resume.

Some examples:

Again, what’s most important is to place the contact information (address/phone/email) in a location that is easily accessible and readable by the hiring authority.