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by ResumeEdge.com - The Net's Premier Resume Writing and Editing Service

In modern resumes, subheadings are used to separate and prioritize essential information as it pertains to the current job search.  They also serve as visual cues to the hiring manager that one section has ended and another begun.

Subheadings can be centered:

Professional Experience

Or flush left:

Professional Experience

They may be underscored for added emphasis:

Professional Experience

Or set off by horizontal lines:

Professional Experience

Subheadings to Consider Using on a Modern Resume:

  1. Summary of Qualifications or Profile
  2. Career Accomplishments
  3. Computer Skills
  4. Professional Experience or Work History
  5. Education
  6. Specialized Training

Order of Subheadings

In all modern resumes, information is prioritized according to importance, with the most relevant pieces -- as they relate to the current job search -- appearing first.

Therefore, if you were a recent graduate with an academic, rather than a work-related, background in your chosen field, Education would precede Professional Experience.  On the other hand, if you have had several years of solid work experience in your field, the Professional Experience would come first.

The key is always to highlight the most relevant data.

Employment Dates